Dedicated to saving lives and fighting economically-based euthanasia by funding critical veterinary care for sick and injured New Mexico pets whose owners or keepers cannot afford such care.

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Help us end economically-based euthanasia of beloved New Mexico pets!  Veterinary medical care can often lead to a happy healthy life for a pet condemned to death for the lack of funds.

Cause for Paws Foundation is funded by individual donations from people just like you -- people who understand the importance of quality medical care and want to help others provide that care for their pets. 

Your help is needed today!  more >

Cause for Paws Foundation is a New Mexico nonprofit organization founded by a group of dedicated animal lovers including veterinary workers and laypeople.  Its mission is to save the lives of New Mexico pets and wildlife by granting funds to pay for critical and emergency medical care for life threatening illnesses, injuries, or conditions when the animals' owners or keepers cannot afford such care. 

We understand that as our economy struggles, pet owners in New Mexico struggle, and consequently, so do the animals.  It is not that people don't love their furry friends, but if a family is forced to choose between rent money and Fido's emergency surgery ... euthanasia is often the only option even though the appropriate veterinary care could give their pet a normal, healthy life. 

Friends are lost and hearts are broken; this painful scenario plays out far too often.   more >


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